ON CONNECTING / by Stephen Knezovich


I've been thinking a lot recently about connections. Connections between ideas. Between images. And between people. 

I've also been thinking a lot about advertising and marketing. The fine art of selling. 

But more specifically, the art of selling art as advertising. Art replacing advertising. 

Posters and postcards and flyers for no purpose than to put aesthetics into the public sphere. Advertisements for nothing. Just art presented as advertising. 

I think this is the next logical step in my work. The road I'm most interested in walking down. 

I want to develop objects and art that appears in the world in same manner and location as advertising. To force itself in front of an audience. 

I also am thinking a lot about the Luca Project. But a variation on the original form (which was a publication that was built to be disassembled and it's parts redistributed via analog means (USPS, etc.)). 

The vision I have now of the Luca is a direct mail campaign that targets other, unknown members of the Knezovich namesake, and to connect with them. The more I think about, the bigger the project becomes... which is exciting as shit. 

Anyway, I'm only putting this here so that I don't forget.